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Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing kayak that will easily carry all the necessary equipment, the Prowler Big Game II offers ample room and outstanding stability without sacrificing performance. Central to the Big Game II are six strategically placed mounting brackets that allow the user to outfit the boat based on their personal specifications without having to drill into the hull. Like its predecessor, the Prowler Big Game II features stern stringers designed to carry volume in the rear of the boat. This combined with the Element Seating System delivers stability, security and a seamless connection between the paddler and the kayak. Whether a seasoned kayak angler looking for more capacity, an angling enthusiast looking for a dry ride or a novice who wants extra security and stability the Prowler Big Game II has a little something for everyone.

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  • Element Seating System

    Element Seat System

     The Element Seat System sets a new standard for comfort and performance. The frame is constructed of high-strength anodized aluminum and the weather-resistant mesh weave provides a new degree of all day comfort when you’re on the water.

    • The TRAVEL position provides a lower center of gravity when you need stability
    • The ATTACK position provides raised seating when fishing
    • The Element seating system can be quickly flipped out of the way into the STAND-UP position for poling, sighting and casting  

     For more information on adjusting the Element Seating System watch the Big Game II Overview video.

  • Six (6) accessory mounting plates
  • Large bow hatch with Click Seal cover

    Click Seal Hatch

    This easy to open cam lock hatch is designed to lock securely with one simple click. Once it’s locked the durable inner rubber gasket provides an amazing seal which will help keep your gear safe, secure and dry. 

    Click Seal Hatch

  • Easily adjustable Glide Track foot brace system

    Glide Track Foot Brace System

    Contoured foot brace system designed to fit your foot comfortably. With an intuitive easy-to-reach adjustment system and position indicators it is easy to get the foot braces set to the same comfortable length on both sides.

  • Transducer compatible scupper

    Transducer Compatible Scupper

    A transducer compatible scupper is an enlarged scupper molded into our Prowler line. This scupper has been specially modified to accommodate a transducer making installing fish finders a snap.

    Transducer Compatible Scupper  

  • Large rear tank well with bungee
  • Mod Pod center hatch cover

    Modular Fishing Pod

    The unique Mod Pod center hatch system provides easy access to fishing rods and is loaded with a myriad of mounting options for after-market accessories.

    Big Game II Mod Pod 2017

  • Comfortable built in carrying handles
  • Paddle keepers

    Paddle Keepers

    Keep your paddle close at hand but out of the way. They are located on both sides of the kayak and include a pull tab for ease in releasing and attaching the bungee to the bungee button.

    Paddle Keeper
  • Includes battery bag


  • MATERIAL: LT9000 Polyethylene
  • LENGTH: 12' 9" | 3.9 m
  • WIDTH: 34" | 86.4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 70 lbs | 31.7 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH: 21" | 53.4 cm
  • LEG LENGTH: 50" | 127 cm
  • BOW HATCH: 16.5" x 10.5" | 42 x 26.7 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 550-600 lbs | 249.5-272.2 kg


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