• Cascade Paddle in Camping Trip

    • Posted by: Timothy Lorey
    • Location: Hillsboro, OR
    • Photographer: Timothy Lorey
    • Boat: Ocean Kayak Malibu Two
    Sparks Lake, Cascade's, Bend OR
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  • Loch Insh Frenzy

    • Posted by: Stephen Herd
    • Location: Aviemore, HI
    • Photographer: Lynne Herd
    • Boat: Ocean kayak frenzy
    Kayaking on Loch Insh in Scotland on a beautiful summer evening.
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  • Bahia Honda State Park

    Bahia Honda, FL

    • Posted by: Karl Barbatschi
    • Location: Bahia Honda, FL
    • Photographer: Karl Barbatschi
    • Boat: Ocean Kayak
    Small island off Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys looking back at the old rail road bridge.
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  • Lunch on the Shrewsbury River

    • Posted by: Rob Burns
    • Location: Little Silver, NJ
    • Photographer: Rob Burns
    • Boat: Ocean/Prowler/scrambler
    Enjoying lunch, stern gating on a beautiful August day on the Shrewsbury River.
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  • Abagail can't swim

    • Posted by: Barry White
    • Location: Navajo Lake, NM
    • Photographer: Barbara White
    • Boat: Pro Si 129
    This was taken about 5 years ago on a camping trip to Navajo Lake in northern New Mexico. Abagail can't swim (she says) but she trusted me enough to go for a short paddle. We still have our boats. My wife has the identical boat in turquoise. We've had them in the ocean, on lakes, and even run rapids. Big waves and rough water mean nothing to the Prosi! They even hold enough gear for island camping. I give them 5-stars!
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  • exploring Current river

    • Posted by: Greg Morrison
    • Location: Eminence, MO
    • Photographer: Greg Morrison
    • Boat: trident 11
    exploring the side small tributaries of the Current river MO, my kayak fits pretty much everywhere!
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  • Ozark cliffs and caves

    • Posted by: Greg Morrison
    • Location: Lenexa, Kansas
    • Photographer: Greg Morrison
    • Boat: trident 11ft
    falls ozarks Mark Twain ntnl park
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  • Low Head Dam

    • Posted by: Greg Coffman
    • Location: Boerne, Texas
    • Photographer: Greg Coffman
    • Boat: Speck and Malibu 2
    My and I paddled up Cibolo Creek to a low head dam near San Antonio, TX around 2006 or so.
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  • Hali on a Yak

    • Posted by: RYAN BLACK
    • Location: KODIAK, ALASKA
    • Photographer: RYAN BLACK
    • Boat: Torque
    I found this 48 pound Halibut hangingout in 30 foot of water next a kelp bed. He was caught on 12 ounce black curly tail jig.
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  • My Rig

    • Posted by: Solo Yaker
    • Location: Stuart, FL
    • Photographer: Michael Taylor
    • Boat: Malibu 2, Self Modified
    The good life on the water. Couldn't do it without Ocean Kayak.
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  • Big Redfish

    • Posted by: Clark Krazit
    • Location: Jacksonville, Florida
    • Photographer: Clark Krazit
    • Boat: Trident 13
    Big Redfish on the St. Johns River. The fish was tagged and released.
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  • Malibù two xl sail

    • Posted by: sergio di credico
    • Location: ortona, Chieti
    • Photographer: sergio di credico
    • Boat: MALIBù TWO XL
    my kayak in the exhibition
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  • King fishing

    • Posted by: Jimmy Zong
    • Location: Pompano Beach, FL
    • Photographer: First Name Last Name
    • Boat: Prowler 13
    10+ year old kayak and still going. Does anyone even have these anymore?
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  • Riding the Waves

    • Posted by: Heather Montjoy
    • Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Photographer: Heather Montjoy
    • Boat: Ocean Kayak/ Frenzy
    This photo was taken during our summer blowout celebration at the beach on Labor Day weekend 2014. We have two of these Frenzy Ocean Kayaks. We love getting them in the water every chance we get.
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  • Autism Rocks

    • Posted by: Hylan Richey
    • Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama
    • Photographer: Hylan Richey
    • Boat: Ocean Malibu Two
    Family kayaking
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  • O.K. Customized

    • Posted by: Karissa Kornegay
    • Location: Jonestown, tx
    • Photographer: Karissa Kornegay
    • Boat: Prowler 13
    A one-of-a-kind O.K.!
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  • Making a splash

    • Posted by: Rob Orr
    • Location: Brigantine, NJ
    • Photographer: Kathy Kovach
    • Boat: Malibu Two
    Riding one in near 38th Street
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  • Goin' out

    • Posted by: Rob Orr
    • Location: Brigantine, NJ
    • Photographer: Kathy Kovach
    • Boat: Malibu Two
    Going out in rough surf near 38th Street
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  • Snorkeling in the Keys

    • Posted by: Dean Kornegay
    • Location: the Keys, FL
    • Photographer: Karissa Kornegay
    • Boat: Big Game
    Snorkeling off Bahia Honda State Park near the Overseas Highway - Florida Keys. The Big Game is really stable and a great vessel for the Florida Keys!
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  • San Isidro Mexico

    • Posted by: Federico Fernandez
    • Location: Queretaro, Qro.
    • Photographer: Federico Fernandez
    • Boat: Yak Board
    Sunrise at Sta. Catarina Damp, Mexico
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  • Kayaking in the Keys

    • Posted by: Karissa Kornegay
    • Location: The Keys, FL
    • Photographer: Dean Kornegay
    • Boat: Prowler 13
    Paddling in the Florida Keys - this particular day, we were snorkeling off the Bahia Honda State Park -- our Ocean Kayaks are particularly well-suited for paddling in the keys, as they don't dump you in the strong currents! I decorated mine with hibiscus flowers and honus!
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  • Big Splash

    • Posted by: Heather Montjoy
    • Location: Myrt, SC
    • Photographer: Heather Montjoy
    • Boat: Ocean Kayak/ Frenzy
    This photo was also taken during Labor Day weekend 2014. Jason was having a blast enjoying the results of the tropical storm that had been off the coast earlier in the week there.
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  • Over and Out

    • Posted by: Heather Montjoy
    • Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Photographer: Heather Montjoy
    • Boat: Frenzy
    Taken Labor Day weekend 2014. Jason was putting that Frenzy to the test!!
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  • Lazy Sunday Afternoon

    • Posted by: Allyson Morgan
    • Location: Milford, MI
    • Photographer: Allyson Morgan
    • Boat: Malibu 2XL Angler
    Ready to go.
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  • Barney & Brent

    • Posted by: Brent Collins
    • Location: Ocean View, DE
    • Photographer: Eva Collins
    • Boat: Frenzy
    Me and my loyal Jack Russel. Barney made it to 19 1/2 years old before his heart gave out. This was one of our great memories of him
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  • Bike to Kayak Hitch

    • Posted by: Brian Baarman
    • Location: Ludington, MI
    • Photographer: Brian Baarman
    • Boat: Trident / Prowler
    Easy way to take the Kayak to different fishing spots with out loading it on the truck. View video
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  • Staten Island Sunset

    • Posted by: Jianwei Chen
    • Location: Staten Island, NY
    • Photographer: Jianwei Chen
    • Boat: Ocean Kayak/Trident 13
    Headed out in my Trident 13 to fish. I didn't catch anything but a beautiful moment before sunset.
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  • Frio River Falls

    • Posted by: Anthony Gager
    • Location: ConCan, Texas
    • Photographer: Anthony Gager
    • Boat: Big Yak
    This is my wife going over a 5 foot fall on the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country. Notice how our dog is startled by the drop and lifts up in the splash.
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  • Side by side

    • Posted by: Daniel Immer
    • Location: Lake of Thun, CH
    • Photographer: Daniel Immer
    • Boat: Prowler Ultra 4.3
    We love the new Ultras 4.3
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    • Posted by: Octo Hein
    • Location: Cebu, Philippines
    • Photographer: Octo Hein
    • Boat: Old Ocean Kayak
    best sit on top K old ocean kayak
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  • First Viking Raid

    First Viking Raid!

    • Posted by: Joseph Carr Ritchie
    • Location: San Mateo, California
    • Photographer: Joseph Carr Ritchie
    • Boat: Trident 11 (Prowler)
    After years of honing his skills on land, Jack the Viking finally embarked on his first raid by kayak! They never knew what hit them, and he can't wait to hit the water again. Thanks, Ocean Kayak!
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  • My Torque

    • Posted by: Ky Smith
    • Location: Tallahassee, Fl
    • Photographer: Ky Smith
    • Boat: Torque
    My angler kayak.
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  • Kotzebue Bound

    • Posted by: Peter Schaeffer II
    • Location: Kotzebue, Ak
    • Photographer: Peter Schaeffer II
    • Boat: Scupper Pro
    Around the bin, paddling towards town (Kotzebue) AK.
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  • Atsena Otie Key

    • Posted by: Rick Anthony
    • Location: Cedar Key, Fl
    • Photographer: Rick Anthony
    • Boat: Prowler 13
    On the beach at Atsena Otie. Cedar Key in the background. Come on out!
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  • Lunch on the Shrewsbury

    • Posted by: Rob Burns
    • Location: Little Silver, NJ
    • Photographer: Rob Burns
    • Boat: Prowler 13 '05 Scrambler '00
    Stopping for lunch on the back waters of the Shrewsbury River at the Jersey Shore.
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  • Sharkmom

    • Posted by: David Woods
    • Location: South Padre Island, Texas
    • Photographer: David Woods
    • Boat: Scrambler XT
    This was Sharkmom's first Bull Shark. It was a real beauty and a great fight. He weighted around 160 lbs, and was tagged and released back into the waves unharmed.
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  • Malibu Two XL

    Malibu Two Extreme Air

    • Posted by: Adam Hauer
    • Location: Rocky Point, mexico
    • Photographer: Tabitha Hauer
    • Boat: Malibu Two XL
    Hitting a wave in a Rocky Point Mexico. The Malibu two XL took it beautifully.
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  • Prowler 15

    Willie and the fish

    • Posted by: William Thuilot
    • Location: Rockaway Park, N.Y.
    • Photographer: William Thuilot
    • Boat: Prowler 15
    June fishing off the south shore of New York - Atlantic Ocean Strippers
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  • Ocoee River

    Independence Day

    Family fun on the 4th of July in an Ocean Kayak Zest Two Exp on the Ocoee River/Parksville Lake.
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  • Robbie Powell Waves 2


    • Posted by: Robbie Powell
    • Location: Lake Worth, FL
    • Photographer: Dovima Georgiana
    • Boat: Yak Board
    Riding the waves in my Ocean Yak.
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  • Day at Work - Ocean Kayak Scrambler Rescue Series

    Day at Work

    • Posted by: Gavin Tormollan
    • Location: Seaside Park, NJ
    • Photographer: Gavin Tormollan
    • Boat: ocean kayak/lifeguard scrambler
    Couldn't have been more fun!
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  • Day of fishing with the Tribo FihYak of Portugal

    Fishing from Portugal

    • Posted by: RUI CARVALHO
    • Location: Portugal, Lisbon
    • Photographer:
    • Boat: ULTRA 4.3
    Day of fishing with the Tribo FihYak of Portugal
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  • Windy Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

    Windy Yas Island

    • Posted by: Tony Sutter
    • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Photographer: Shelby Sutter
    • Boat: Nalu 12.5
    Windy Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
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  • Ocean Kayak Nalu 11 SUP British Columbia

    Ocean Kayak Nalu SUPing

    • Posted by: Lance Burkhart
    • Location: Cultus Lake, BC
    • Photographer: Lance Burkhart
    • Boat: Nalu 11
    Stand up paddling my Ocean Kayak Nalu 11 in British Columbia.
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  • Bar Harbor, ME

    Tandem Kayaking and Cannonballs

    • Posted by: Ocean Kayak
    • Location: Old Town, ME
    • Photographer: Jock Bradley
    • Boat: Malibu Two XL
    Summer fun on Echo Lake near Bar Harbor, ME on Mt. Desert Island. Ocean Kayak Product Photo Shoot 2010.
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  • sit-on-top kayaking in Maine

    Kayaking the Rocky Maine Coastline

    • Posted by: Ocean Kayak
    • Location: Seal Harbor, ME
    • Photographer: Jock Bradley
    • Boat: Tetra 10
    Kayaking along the coastline just NE of Seal Harbor on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. Ocean Kayak Product Photo Shoot 2010.
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  • Uda Walawe River Trip

    Uda Walawe River

    • Posted by: Enakshi Wikramanayake
    • Location: Uda Walawe River, Sri Lanka
    • Photographer: Enakshi Wikramanayake
    • Boat: Frenzy
    Uda Walawe River Trip. Udawalawe National Park lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka.
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  • Ocean Kayak Peekaboo


    • Posted by: Scott Phillips
    • Location: Acadia, National Park
    • Photographer: Lana Phillips
    • Boat: Peekaboo
    Enjoying the viewing window in the Ocean Kayak Peekaboo. Acadia National Park is located along the rugged, rocky coast of Maine. Most of the park is located on Mount Desert Island, which is accessible by vehicle.
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