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Articles & Videos about the World of Sit-On-Top Kayaking

Joel Abrahamsson, Kayak Angler of the Year

When the 2014 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards were announced on November 24, 2014, Joel Abrahamsson came out on top as Angler Of The Year.... Read More

New Blog for Paddlesport Enthusiasts

To give canoeists and kayakers an online place to call home, Johnson Outdoors has launched a new website dedicated to paddlesports.... Read More

Prowler BG II, An Angler's 'Battle' Ship

Captain Fil "Fishman" Spencer and fellow kayak angler Mike Garcia share a passion for stalking redfish in the waters of the coast of Texas, the boats that get them there - Ocean Kayaks and the newest member of the fleet, a true 'battle' ship - the new Prowler Big Game II, or as we like to call it - THE BGII.... Read More

Tetra Series

The Tetra is unlike any other Ocean Kayak we have introduced to the market. Sleek and sporty, this low profile craft has clean lines and glides through the water with ease. Equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back the Tetra is ready to ride the minute you hit the water. Available in 10' or 12' lengths this kayak is perfect for day trips, kayak angling or a casual paddle after work. For more information view our Tetra Series and Tetra Angler Series product pages.... Read More

Modular Fishing Pod

Ocean Kayak Pro Staff member, Jeff Herman, gives a great overview of the Modular Fishing Pod available on the Ocean Kayak Trident series... Read More

Behind the Scenes on an Ocean Kayak Photoshoot

Ever wonder what it takes to create the beautiful photographs and videos you see on our website and social media accounts? Today we talk to Brand Manager Ryan Lilly who recently flew from Maine to California to shoot the latest Ocean Kayak...

... Read More

Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal: Channel Islands Performance Test

California-based kayak and raft guide Byron Roos review the all-new Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal in the waters around Channel Islands National Park in southern California.... Read More

Trident Updates

Ocean Kayak recently unveiled an entirely revamped Trident Series, which began shipping November 1, 2016. We’re excited to give our customers an in-depth look at the improvements that will no doubt make the kayak fishing experience even better

... Read More

Top 3 Winter Tropical Fishing Destinations

It’s an all too familiar sight for most of the country. Each January, the dog days of winter creep across the nation sending anglers anywhere north of Florida into a tailspin. Sure, you can gear-up and brave the wind chill (in most places) and the ice (in some places) to get your fishing fix, but the gnarliest of fish-heads will make a true run for the border to one of these three tropical fishing destinations... Read More

Product Spotlight: Ice Box Cooler

The Ice Box Storage Pod is a foam insulated fish storage pod designed to fit perfectly in the rear tank well of the Trident series fishing kayaks... Read More
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